Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've got my mind made up now

"Coz I'll be you and you'll be me,
there's lots and lots for us to see,
there's lots and lots for us to do.
She is electric, can I be electric too?"

'She's Electric' ~ Oasis

It took a long time for me to come around to Oasis. I'm not one to be ruled by personas in the artists I enjoy, but sometimes the personas hit me before the art actually does. This was the case with Oasis.

To be honest, it was not until I heard Ryan Adams cover one of their songs that I really stopped and thought to myself, "you know, they have some songwriting talent there."

Another moment happened when I was at a bar with a few friends of mine. One of Oasis' songs came on, and the whole table of us started singing along.

Eventually I had to give in and start listening, and slowly a few of their songs began to work their magic on me, and becoming part of the ever-expanding soundtrack of music that I love.

This song came on just now, the second song to come up on shuffle (just following the Beatles, which is humorous in its own right), and it brought an immediate smile to my face. I think I've hit repeat now at least three times.

Something about the lyrics, especially the ones I quoted, speak to the place I am in my life, and heart, at the moment. The small changes I'm making, and the way I'm seeing the world, and how I want to traverse within it. It is hard to articulate exactly, but the feel of this song, and the idea of so much to see and do, speaks to me today.

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