Monday, April 6, 2009


Back when I was in college, the first go around, I took a three semester course on American literature in which I had the best teacher/professor I had ever had/have ever had. We spent a great deal of time on the short story, and I remember she was the first one to introduce Raymond Carver, for one, to me.

She was the reason I decided, without a doubt, that I wanted to teach. She was also one of the six people who inspired me to write, to believe in my writing, and to read until my eyes couldn't stay open.

This article reminds me of her, and of a love I have for short stories. And, it is also another tap on the shoulder that the decisions I'm making for the next turn of page in my life is the right one. I'm scared as hell, and thrilled to the bone, but I'm starting to know that I am on to something here.

Life's too short to not follow your bliss, and try for your dreams.

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