Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's a dark secret you carry with you

They're gonna find us: At the dark end of the street: Meow Mix

Something for Cat ~ Henry Mancini
Black Cat ~ Ladytron
Cats in a Bag ~ The Luyas
Jump at the Cats ~ King Creosote
Dark Secret ~ Matthew Sweet
Couches in Alleys ~ Stryofoam, featuring Ben Gibbard
Three-Legged Cat ~ Red House Painters
Plea From a Cat Called Virtue ~ The Weakerthans
Freeze ~ Mikix The Cat
Dark End of the Street ~ Cat Power
Cat People (Putting Out Fires) ~ David Bowie
Cat Tail Legs ~ Megan Hamilton
Iceland ~ Bark Cat Bark
Big Cat ~ The Clean
Risenraeder ~ Kitty Hoff & Coralie Clement
Kitty Get Down ~ The Ropes
Switchblade Kitty (Ruckus Roboticus Remix) ~ The Lady Tigra
Rippin Kittin ~ Miss Kitten

Meow Mix ~ Zipped Up

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