Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quand je pense à mes copines

"À cause des garçons !
On met des bas nylon
On se crêpe le chignon."

'À Cause des Garçons' ~ Yelle

French girls singing pop songs with provocative lyrics? How can I resist?

Yelle's music is impossible not to want to dance to. Makes me miss my past life as a club girl. There is something in the entire ritual of getting ready, picking out the outfit, doing your hair, make-up, ingesting various unmentionable "accessories".

The real fun in all of though, the very best part, was the music playing when my friends and I would be getting ready - and the soundtrack for the drive into Hollywood, or downtown Los Angeles. It was filled with more excitement, and enthusiasm, then the boys we may have been crushing on, or the actual destination itself.

Cela aurait été un parfait complément à notre pré-dance préparatifs.


  1. "A cause des garçons" est en fait une chanson qui est sortie en 1987. Yelle l'a reprise en 2007 et c'est grâce à cette reprise qu'elle a connu ce succès. Cela étant, il est vrai que les paroles de ses autres chansons sont encore plus provocantes. Yelle est effectivement l'image type de la rebelle qui ne mâche pas ses mots et à laquelle on a toutes voulu ressembler à un moment ou un autre de notre vie ...

  2. Yes, I do think that is one of the things I love about her - not just the provocative edge to her lyrics and image, but the fact that she is rebelling and not, as you say, "mincing words". Makes one want to speak their mind, no?

  3. yummy! ANd yes it was the prepping, the music and the friendship. The rituals we went through together

  4. Yes...and the music on the drive there, remember?

    Sometimes I miss all of that. A lot.