Tuesday, April 7, 2009

But my mind has fucked me over more times than any man could ever know

"So we stayed up late one night to try and get our problems right,
but I couldn't get into his head just what was going through my mind,
and I think he knew where I was going,
he put Ryan Adams on;
I think he thinks it makes me weak,
it only ever makes me strong."

'New Romantic' ~ Laura Marling

I wish there were easy answers and simple solutions. That definitions, and re-definitions, came in some pretty brown paper package, delivered to my front door, with a map on what we do now. Or that music really had the answers, and not just the comfort of knowing that we all share a collective consciousness of confusion.

If I had the answers I know I would share them with you. But I don't. I just have this haze of sadness, and confusion, still.

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