Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its filling me up with new life

"The stars in the sky,
bring tears to my eyes;
they're lighting my way,

And, I haven't felt so alive,
in years."

'But Not Tonight' ~ Depeche Mode

This song reminds me of nights spent in, usually a Saturday because there were never any good places to go to on Saturdays. Perhaps we needed it as a recovery period, or maybe it just became a ritual that we relied on.

We had three movies that we rented everytime. After awhile the woman who owned the tiny video store started joking that we should just keep them. 'Modern Girls' was one of the three, and this song was a big part of the film.

It also reminded me of driving around Hollywood in the middle of the night, my too-small car filled with people, music and voices entertwining. The nights back there seemed endless.

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