Thursday, January 31, 2008

who'd have believed you'd come along

"you know there are fours words i need to hear before i go to sleep. four little words. 'good night sweet girl.' that's all it takes. i'm easy, i know, but a guy who can muster up those four words is a guy i want to stay with." ~ andrea

this is one of my comfort movies, the kind you watch when you need to feel better, to soothe the effects of life a bit, and to envelop yourself in something comfortable. it is the film equivalent to a blanket, comfortable pajamas, and a bowl of ice cream. i love this movie. i have loved it since the first time i saw it, and i love it just as much if not more the twentieth time i have seen it. i love marty and willie's friendship, natalie portman is incredible in this, to this day it is still my favourite role of hers. i love andrea's take on love and relationships, willie's confusion, the diatribe of girls with curves, and the sweet caroline bar scene. i love the characters, the town, the ways of speaking, the small town family dysfunctions and connections. and, i am ever the sucker for a good ensemble cast.

the level of love i have for this movie is probably in direct correlation with why i adore october road as much as i do.

365 love: beautiful girls

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