Tuesday, January 22, 2008

stop the car

"and later they call me to thank me for teaching them what love is." ~ celine

when i first saw before sunrise it completely stole my heart. the thought of a chance meeting, of the connection between to people, of a seduction based on words, on conversations; it was a beautiful story. i think i wrote the ending in my head the second the credits began to roll.

when before sunset came out i was torn. part of me was dying to see what happened to jesse and celine, and the other part of me did not want the story to disappoint. i did not want my rose-colored version of a happy ending to be tainted with reality, and creative vision.

but, i watched it. the first time i threw things at the television. i was angry, and sad, all at once. i loathed that these two had allowed themselves to lose each other, to give up on love, to become such bitter people; and i hated that the age i was at was where they were at, it felt like some kind of testament for being in your thirties, and i did not like the picture it painted.

but, i watch it now, and i see the hope in it. maybe that is just how i want to see it, i don't know.

before sunset


  1. oh tom, i always respect your opinion, even when we disagree. just for this quote i have respect, from what you wrote:

    Unfortunately, the end result is what can only be described as porn for pseudo-intellectuals.

    verbose porn sounds pretty hot really, does that make me a pseudo-intellectual? always felt to geeky to really be that. *wink*.

  2. Thanks.

    I was underwhelmed by "Before Sunset" too, although looking at Paris was fun. Made me want to go back.

  3. I find hope it it as well. At least that's how I felt when I finished watching it. It's been a while since I saw it.

    I think what I liked best about their connection was that it wasn't just physical, but it was on a thought level.