Saturday, January 26, 2008

and i sink pretty deep

"do i look like a liar?
do i look like a liar to you?
fighting crime in this time, brings a girl down,
makes a body sink so low."

i have loved tanya donelly since her days with half-sister kristin hersh (who i also love), in throwing muses. belly, especially the star album, is forever imprinted in the soundtrack of my life highlighting the first run days of living on my own, hanging out at the winged heart cafe, and especially my apartment on valencia, and later on wilshire. it also reminds me of meeting david, and of past friends jill and carrie. tanya gone solo is quite possibly my favourite of her music. lovesongs for underdogs reminds me of a time when i first found the internet, and some of the amazing friendships i made there/here. i am pretty sure that most of the songs on that album, especially the song goat girl, made appearances on many a mix tape i sent out back in those earlier days.

i have yet to ever see tanya perform on her own, but got to catch her once with throwing muses (with a very pregnant kristin hersh), and once with belly. she is one of my most favorite rock and roll mothers; most definately an example of what i like to refer to as momcore. i would love to put together a panel of rock mom's for a question and answer session, or a round table over pots of coffee and tea. members could include tanya, julie doiron, courtney love, kim gordon, tori amos, liz phair, bjork, patti smith, melissa etheridge, lauryn hill, chrissie hynde. would that not be so keen?

365 loves: tanya donelly

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