Thursday, January 31, 2008

saw two shadowed men on the vallance road

"said they'd pay me for your address,
oh, i was so bold.

i said, 'you see these two cold fingers,
these crooked fingers i show?'
you a way to mean no.

well, they didn't like that much i can tell you,
he said, 'sunshine i wouldn't wanna be in your shoesi,
then they chased me up three flights of stairs,
caught me in the lift, how i sighed and said, 'hello'.
'cause you're impossible

and it's just like he's in another world,
he doesn't see the danger on show;
now he'll wind up like joseph, bloody in the hole.

and it's just like she's in another world,
and how they suit each other, oh no.
but you never get close,
(oh, it's impossible)."

oh the things you remember, oh the things you forget. in spite of it all, the amount of love i have for this song, and those boys, is immeasurable.

up the bracket ~ the libertines

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