Wednesday, October 24, 2007

you're liable to figure me out

inspired by honey don't think ~ grant lee buffalo

story re-writes

beneath the surface of love
interlocking webs lie
tangled and varied in direction
latching on and letting go

sometimes the synapse fires
inducing benevolence
at other ends the water leaks in
laced in doubt
as we begin to sink

miles pass between us
even while sitting side by side
and the soul is seen waving
mailing a postcard home

then we struggle upstream
break the mold while wet
and we carve our initials in
glue up the cracks
from the fall

the fog will return
our feet slipping off stones
and on better days
the parachute opens

no one ever said it would be easy slips
because some cliches write themselves
so we memorize and fluctuate our tone
remind each other
we are electricity

that we begin to connect when we let each other

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