Wednesday, September 17, 2008

& we can't build our dreams

pete yorn (live, san diego)
suspicious minds ~ pete yorn
suspicious minds ~ elvis

"we're caught in a trap,
i cant walk out,
because i love you too much baby.

why cant you see,
what youre doing to me,
when you dont believe a word i say?"

i am pretty sure i've loved every version of this song i've ever heard, but this may be one of my most favorite covers of it - at least tonight.

and this one, glen hansard and mic christopher busking on the streets where he later filmed once, it just makes me smile.


  1. Nice blog Lucy. It's great to see Mic Christopher getting some notice in the blogworld!

  2. thank you for introducing me to the cover/video.

    added you on my blog-roster, hope you don't mind...i love your blog.

  3. I seen that.....thanks! Popped a link to this on mine too!