Friday, June 20, 2008

and i'm tired of so much wanting

ache for you ~ ben lee

"there's no rhyme and there's no reason,
you're the secret in the back of my skull.
there's no logic, so please believe me.
our love's confusing,
but it never gets dull."

a week ago i was standing in the studio store at the WB, waiting for a friend to go and grab coffee from starbucks. on the right, as you first walk in, is a gilmore girls display. i often keep walking right by as i often get a big case of the "i wants" when i stand too close. they have this gigantic coffee cup that says "luke please please please" on it that i have wanted ever since i first spied it. a quote from the very first moments, of the very first episode - the first time you witness the chemistry between luke and lorelei.

over the years of watching, and loving, the show i went back and forth on my feelings for the pair. i always held a soft spot for christopher, and what they had from their youth that still seemed to carry so strongly into their implied present. but, there is something about the two of them, of luke and lorelei, that pulls at my fictional loving heartstrings.

and this song. well, i've always had quite the love for ben lee's songs, haven't i?

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