Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sometimes i worry that i've lost the plot

"don't be a criminal in this police state,
you'd better shop, and eat, and procreate,
you've got vacation days, then you might escape,
to a condo on the coast.

i set my watch to the atomic clock,
i hear the crowd count down until the bomb gets dropped,
i always figured there'd be time enough,
i never let it get me down.

but, i can't help it now,
looking for faces in the clouds,
i've got some friends i barely see.

but, we're all planning to meet,
we'll lay in bags as dead as leaves,
all together for eternity."

i'm a basket case of emotion today. anyone talking to me has officially been warned. i think i need to lay in a bag of dead leaves and clear my head. yeah. thank you, conor.


easy/lucky/free ~ bright eyes

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