Thursday, February 21, 2008

and an english song

"if you're looking for a cheap sort,
set in false anticipation,
i'll be waiting in the photo booth
at the underground station.

so come away,
wont you come away."

recorded live in rome and quite the song. you lot are amazing, brings tears to my eyes, it really does. the music and the connection that you can see between all of you.

much love xxx.

albion (live) ~ babyshambles
(courtesy of 1waytikt2tickletown)

song of the day


  1. glorious indeed, share the choked up and puffy chest at such a beautiful sight.

    Suppose I should say something smarmy to lessen such sap from me.. but eh, fuck it. I'm way in heaven with the quartet! So much love to each of them.tis okay to never stop believing.

    Female Darth Vader was lovely to be reminded of. Bless sky eyes for that. So many smiles at antics. And you for allowing me to circle round her to soak in her homeless futuristic evil beauty.
    Shambles and Star Wars... there we go...ack! ANd that just made me smile more.
    so yeah Im out before I get red faced in such love for them

  2. choked up meself.
    thank you, luce.
    i love you, both ofyou.


  3. "anywhere in albion"

    i love you, too. and yeah, the both of you.


  4. best friend/sister in the whole world. best brother in the whole world.

    best 4 music men in the whole wide world!!!!