Sunday, May 11, 2008

i am a fire sign

"i am a hippy's son,
i'm in to porn and guns,
i'm virile, fertile,
i scream when i come.
related to you all,
by six degrees.

i am a fire sign,
i've never swum with the tide,
spreading honey on thorns,
and truths that rhyme.
my stories are all tall.

but it's so obvious,
it's bloody outrageous,
they try and they try,
but they'll just never save us.

hush hush my love,
come fall into these arms,
hush hush my love,
come fall into these arms.
hush hush my love."

from the second dirty pretty things album, romance at short notice, to be released on june 30. i've heard a few songs recorded live from recent shows, and saw the lyrics to many of them. to be honest, i was not terribly impressed with this song until i heard the recently released single (given away free here). before i knew it i'd listened to it 10 times in a row, and i've had to admit i quite like it.

i know this album has been a struggle from the start, but i wish them all the best, and that this will be a huge success.


  1. I spent far too much time in that desert as a child...for I know where they are.. ack ack ack

  2. oh great song!! XD carl is a real poet!! :)