Tuesday, August 5, 2008

& it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain

"when i look into your eyes,
i can see a love restrained.
but darlin' when i hold you,
don't you know i feel the same?"

since the song last night mentioned this song i thought i'd listen to it, and put it up today. guns n' roses are very much a part of a certain time in my life in such a way that their songs almost carry along with them a snapshot album of memories, of car rides, of a certain brand of cigarette, a scent of perfume, a drug of choice, and the feel of the summer sun hot through the windshield window.

a love restrained? a shared feeling of restrained love? not much of a love song, is it?

and the cheesy-quotient is turned up high with holding a candle (keeping the fire going) in the cold november rain (the pre-winter of our discontent). but as regina says, "that solo's awful long, but it's a pretty song."

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